Graphite is predominantly used as active material in battery anodes today.  Compared to graphite, silicon offers up to 11X higher lithium absorbing capacity per gram of its weight

370 mAh/g


4200 mAh/g


Due to this, anodes rich in silicon will be significantly thinner than graphite anodes, while remaining functionally similar. 

Thinner anodes will allow more electrode material to be packed inside battery cells of the same dimensions – increasing the battery cells capacity while keeping it’s volume unchanged

Volt14 solves silicon’s fundamental challenges to deliver an ultra high-performance solution designed to be scalable and viable for high volume battery markets  

Making Silicon Work

Silicon undergoes significant volume changes during charging and discharging, leading to rapid deterioration in battery capacity

Volt14’s proprietary technology addresses silicon’s rapid capacity fade, facilitating it’s technical viability

Offering Total Solutions for Industry Specification Electrodes

Development of formulations and electrodes with target specifications using novel silicon materials requires years of additional R&D investment

Volt14 offers integrated-anodes – total solutions which are tunable for battery cell producer’s anode specifications

A True Drop-In, Viable Integrated Anode
True Drop In Solution

Compatible with most installed cell manufacturing infrastructure. Total anode-solution minimizes development costs compared to internal anode development.
Compatible with most commercial cell formats
Can be integrated to most common cell formats – cylindrical or pouch/prismatic.
Cost Competitive
Designed to not just match, but surpass graphite price parity. 


Our team possesses over 50+ years of chemistry and nanomaterials research and development experience relevant to the development of Volt14’s proprietary technologies

Advisory board


Professor Seeram Ramakrishna

Professor Seeram is the Everest Chair at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and is listed by Thomson Reuters as Among the World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds in their list of highly cited researchers.
As a leading figure in the field of nanomaterials, he holds or has previously held the following positions:

  1. Chair of the Circular Economy Taskforce at NUS 
  2. Founding Chairman of the ~$100 million Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS)
  3. Founding Co-director of NUS Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Institute
  4. NUS Vice President (Research Strategy) 
  5. Dean of Faculty of Engineering, NUS

Teik Guan Tan

Teik Guan Tan is a Venture Partner at Entrepreneur First, former Mentor-in-Residence at Infocomm Investments, and the founder and CEO/CTO of his exited company DS3. Teik Guan has been an early advisor at Volt14 since 2019. 


Stealth Advisor

Our stealth advisory team bring over a 12 years of C-level experience from some of the world’s most renowned silicon companies. They possess 50+ patents and rich expertise in silicon based materials and laboratory to mass production scale-up of new material technologies.