Batteries Redefined

Volt14 Solutions develops ultra-high performance materials for Li-ion batteries - which will double the energy density of batteries mass-produced today


Elimination of Range Anxiety for E-Mobility

Volt14's anodes will boost battery energy density by upto 70% - and such a radical improvement would eliminate range anxiety and $/kWh storage costs by nearly 40%


Turnkey Solutions for Existing Battery Production Lines

In comparison to other battery materials startups, Volt14 uses a wet chemistry approach  - meaning a battery producer can use their existing production lines to mass produce our anodes, without any manufacturing bottlenecks.


Light touch integration with any lithium ion battery, for any application

Volt14's anodes can be used in any Li ion battery- be it for 3C applications, for automobiles and ESS systems or defence and space.

Validated Materials Research


Our materials have been tested and validated by the some of the best energy institutes in Asia, after over 6 years if extensive R&D.

Tested in a Wide Range of Conditions


Volt14's material has been tested in various operating conditions and cell formats - reach out to us to learn more