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Material Science Innovators Re-Inventing the Anode Stack

Volt14 Solutions Pte Ltd is a developer of cutting-edge battery technologies, leveraging deep expertise in the design and synthesis of novel materials to enable tremendous boosts in energy density and improvements in cost – while being compatible with presently installed battery cell manufacturing infrastructure.

By offering fully integrated, tunable, and ready-to-use silicon-majority anodes to replace current anodes – Volt14 uniquely offers total solutions to battery cell manufacturers. 


Inside a lithium-ion battery cell

  • Cathode:

    Comprising of various salts of nickel, cobalt, manganese which form alloys with lithium ions - the battery charge carrier. Common types are: NMC, NCA, LFP, LCO, etc
  • Electrolyte:

    The medium through which the lithium ions travel from the cathode to the anode during discharging. These could be liquid or semi-solid/solid (upcoming technology).
  • Anode:

Anode material hosts the lithium ions when the battery discharges. Compared to presently used anode material, graphite, silicon hosts up to 11X more lithium ions per gram of its weight.
Volt14’s anodes consist predominantly of silicon – harnessing it’s massive performance advantages.

Application Markets


Electric Vehicles

Longer EV range and reduced normalized battery pack costs (often the most expensive system in a EV)

* Source: Technical University of Munich, 2021

Consumer Electronics

Longer battery life for consumer electronics,  critical for frontier applications in AR/VR, drones. 


Appliances and Power Tools

Improved performance capabilities and duration of use per charge, with the reduced weight of devices 



Massive reductions in costs of stationary energy storage systems (ESS) used in grids and backup power  

* Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Other Mobility Solutions

Greatly enhanced operational efficiency in fleets and industrial applications (eg: forklifts), due to fewer required charging breaks


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